Mouth Guards

Teeth whitening mouth guards protect your mouth and cover the gums and teeth during your participation in active sports or during the process of dental teeth bleaching. The mouth guard needs to fit adequately and offer comfort and ease of use.

There are a wide range of mouth guards available to buy today due to customer demand. The more basic guards are ready made in pre-formed sizes, meaning that these do not allow the wearer to make any adjustment at all. Our teeth are all individual and so these types of guards can ultimately damage your mouth and be abrasive to your teeth.

Mouth adapted guards will enable a closer fitting because they can be remoulded when they are heated to boiling point. They are also offered in preformed shapes. Mouth adapted guards are popular and affordable, but are still a little inflexible when it comes to individual needs.

The custom made mouth guards are considered one of the best fitting guards. These are the most expensive. The dentist or manufacturer of the guard will take impressions of your teeth with dental putty and then prepare the guard, using these impressions. Custom made mouth guards that are able to be remoulded to achieve the closest adjustments are the most advanced type of guard in the market today.

You can now purchase mouth guards that are made with ultra thin material, allowing a far greater comfort in usability and providing effective and clear teeth definition. The unique thinness of the material used reduces the alien feeling of the mouth guard inside your mouth and so significantly increases comfort. EVA material creates the best moulds as it is able to be remoulded to find the perfect shape for the user’s mouth. These types of mould also enable self moulding because of their ease of use. They can also be corrected and tweaked to your individual needs if the fit is not quite right.

Your mouth guard should be durable, resilient, comfortable and tear resistant. It should also be able to be easily cleaned. A well fitting mouth guard will allow unrestricted talking and breathing, whereas a used and worn guard may expose your teeth and gums to irritation. Whitening gel will work much more efficiently with a well fitted mouth guard.

For mould making, select the product that includes accessible, easy to read instructions to enable a straightforward, stress free process. Instructions should include details of how to make the actual mould, as well as how to use it. Some products offering teeth whitening are accompanied by a DVD instructing you on mould making, with an easy to follow guide. You should always make sure the product you want to use is suitable for you by reading the packaging first. Strong chemicals are essential in the making of moulds, therefore you need to check that you will not have an adverse reaction to these and/or the mouth guard itself.

Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance and mouth guards should always be cleaned in an antiseptic solution to ensure thorough maintenance. They should also be stored in perforated containers and checked for natural wear and tear by your dentist when possible so that he/she can advise when they need replacing.